Key replacement

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Key replacement

Post by McDulle »

Hi everybody,

I've ridden my bike until 42 thousand miles. Until I broke a bearing inside my engine. The one located behind my clutch.
Anyway I found a crashed bike with about 12 thousand miles on it.
So I started switching the engine.

Until I noticed the good condition of the key set, so started wondering why not replace the key setup also?
So here is my question is it a good idea to replace the key also?
The VTR comes with a KISS security system but the service manual doesn't mention anything on the matter.

So I hope you guys could help me, has anyone of you ever replaced the keys of a VTR?
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Re: Key replacement

Post by MacV2 »

If the new key is HISS & the old one wasnt... Wont work with out all the HISS gubbins, differnt loom & control boxes...

Your better off sourcing a new lock set for the pre 2000 bikes.

Seat lock & tank cap are easy swaps but the ignition is held on with security shear bolts so need drilling out...

If both bikes are HISS then you if you have a key for the new one than stright swap. Ifyou dont have a key then you will have to get a new key cut & then coded to the bike.
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