Does farting harm laptops?

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Does farting harm laptops?

Post by tony.mon »

I was sitting with my laptop on my lap, and, well, as you do, let one rip.
I was surprised to note that the laptop seemed to slow down, taking longer to open pages and save documents.

Thinking about it, your thighs channel the effluent gases straight into the air intake.
And I am also aware that the gas isn't just gas; it's also actual particles of- there's no other way to put this- poo.
This goes, without being dissipated or diluted, straight onto the mother board, coating the various components with a tiny bit of poo every time it happens.

I think that the processor has a little dip in performance due to the changes in conductivity or resistance on the board's components- this could explain the noticeable drops in performance.

As the gas passes over the processor, the particles condense, and before the particles dry, they can conduct a tiny amount of current, which detracts from performance.

But then the sh1t hits the fan......
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Re: Does farting harm laptops?

Post by Watty »

Bored again Tony :lol:
SH#T HAPPENS!!!!!!!!
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Re: Does farting harm laptops?

Post by darkember »

Well I'm sure one of Al's wet ones would definitely be cause for concern :lol:
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Re: Does farting harm laptops?

Post by alanfjones1411 »

I'm sorry but I don't know shite all about computers
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Re: Does farting harm laptops?

Post by bigtwinthing »

If i was new on here id be amazed at that "Storm content" Id buy a Kawasaki :lol: :lol: ( i wouldn't really)
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Re: Does farting harm laptops?

Post by VTRDark »

I wouldn't worry.....if you have a PC they are all sh1t anyway so you simply adding to it. That's why the the OS is called Microshite :lol: :lol:
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