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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by popkat »

Standard tyre sizes work best with the standard wheel sizes, if you go wider the contact patch maybe smaller is it can pull the tyre I. A bit and in effect possible less grip, you could go taller with a 180/60 profile which will make the bike turn in quicker, but std is a safe bet.
Bridgestone S22 is a very good tyre but not sure they last the longest, other good options are the Metzeler M9rr or M7rr all 3 will be awesome in the dry on the road (good on track too) and surprisingly good in the wet, the Michelin power 5 as sports tyre not quite as good as the others.

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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by haynesjones66 »

from my own experience, having ridden upright bikes quickly for 40 years, the change to a sportsbike took me a while to get into my head. it sort of clicked when a mate made what seemed like a stupid suggestion. steer with your elbows! what he meant was, imagine there's an arrow stuck on your elbow and point it into the corner as if your elbow is leading the way. it made sense to me and i wasnt drifting into the white lines anymore. mind you, he rides an aprilia rsv4 which says a lot....

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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by Phil Treadgold »

You need to relax on the bike. If you are fairly new to riding don't tie yourself in knots over it. Just go out on it, relax and have fun. You know how to ride and check tyre pressures etc. Don't over do things. Your confidence will grow and you'll find your way. Little steps. Just go out and ride
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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by grumpyfrog »

Best tip I've had, and no I'm still sh1t in corners but I feel better, from a lanky git on here is relax your elbows, let the bike do the work. Only push with the inside arm when you bloody have too.
I've never had too as I should get a refund on the outside 20% of each tyre.
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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by AlmostThere »

Thanks for all the comments guys :thumbup:

In the end (two weeks ago now), I went and bought a set of Michelin Pilot Power 2CT (an older tyre design for sure but good reviews and loyal following even now...or so I read). I was needing a rear in a bit of a hurry, called around a bunch of tyre places (Continental SportAttack 4 tyres were mentioned quite often as being another good tyre (lots of grip and wear well)) but very few places are open on Saturdays (would have thought it was one of the busier days). Anyway, I managed to get a set of the 2CTs delivered for around the £180 mark, plus £30 fitting (for loose wheels) at a local(ish) bike shop.


I'll spare the events of the day but eventually got it ready to ride...then the rain started, which didn't go off until work started on Monday morning. However, I managed a ride on the sunny warm Sunday just passed and after taking it easy for the first 30 miles or so I felt confident enough to push a little more. Both tyres have loads of grip, the back more than the front I'd say and I can give it plenty of throttle (as much as I dared) out of corners and it doesn't complain. The front in much more comfortable than the Dunlop ever was though I did have a few twitches on corner entry but I was probably being a little heavy handed. Covered around 180 or so miles and very pleased with them so far. Managed to get plenty lean on some of the slower corners. Scraped the toe slider on my boots of couple of times but since I changed the pegs (aftermarket) I'm not sure if the stock Honda pegs with the slider pin would have touched first or my feet are just not high enough (although I am right on the balls when I'm aware of where my feet are..which, I admit, isn't always number one when cornering). Will see how well they wear but they seem to be doing so pretty evenly at the minute.

Rear thread pattern





Thanks again for the feedback :D
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Re: Riding help...leaning

Post by sirch345 »

You did well there price-wise :thumbup:

Glad you're happy with them 8)

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