Popped my v twin cherry !!!!

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Popped my v twin cherry !!!!

Post by BrianC » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:53 pm

Some of you will know me from a while back.

I have two identical storms, both of which needed loads of work which i got on and did.

In particular storm 2 needed a lot of work including a new valve as it had a mct episode before i got it. This one has some anonymous race cans which sound awesome !!!

Anyway for various reasons i have never actually had them out on road until yesterday when i took storm 2 down our road and it feels great !!!!! Needs an mot now on both of them and get them out.

Power delivery is so different to my 98 blade, but feels good.

Only problem with storm 2 is starting- wont start with choke and without choke it offers but doesnt keep going. Once its going it is fine , and starting then after its no problem.
During this starting process i sometimes get a loud backfire.

Is it the cans causing this ?

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