Donington this weekend

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Re: Donington this weekend

Post by popkat » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:13 pm

Had a really good weekend, it was proper hot, the VFR went well only issues being the radiator cap valve kept opening and would come back in with water in the belly pan, will get a new cap before next out. the bike doesn't handle quite how I want but got it better today and improved lap times, best I could do was 6th, just didn't have the pace of the front runners but I now know what's needed to move it along.. The XJ is just a laugh, it wobbles and weaves and the harder you ride it the better it get's, the old twin pot brakes are better than the VFR's and I can chuck the bike about at will.

The brakes really need to be better on the VFR, got standard VTR setup with EBC EPFA pads which should be good but they are just wooden with no feel and not a lot of power, I did have CBR calipers but they just kept binding so gave up on them even though they were much better. will search for some different/better pads to try..

Good to see you Al, thanks for coming along, some lovely bikes on our walk around :thumbup: :beer:

Lloydie, shame you couldn't make it along, hopefully next year :thumbup:

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Re: Donington this weekend

Post by sirch345 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:22 pm

It sounds like you had a good time Malc and the bike did well :thumbup:

Thanks Al for posting up the photo's, some great bikes there. Good that you managed to get there with Popkat :thumbup:

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