SP2 for sale

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SP2 for sale

Post by AMCQ46 »

My mate is selling his SP2 if any of you are looking for a piece of HRC exotica to ride or keep as an investment.
He just bought a super trick TDR250 to go with the 500lc, so has to rethink his collection.


23500 miles.
Power commander.
Revs racing just rebuilt forks.
genuine standard bike accept for Akropovic cans

Looking for £8000.

Contact me and I will give you his mobile.

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Re: SP2 for sale

Post by tony.mon »

Nice and clean, got a hugger, paddock stand posts both ends and crash protectors, too.
Might need a new chain, as the rear wheel spindle is well back in the slot, (a shorter chain improves speed of turn-in) :D

The price is about right, they keep going up every year...

That's a bargain for someone....
It's not falling off, it's an upgrade opportunity.

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