Fork seals

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Fork seals

Post by Marksneyd »

Hi all
I can't seem to find a link or thread on how to remove forks and change seals replace oil from start to finish

From where to jack bike up all the way through to putting her through her paces on the country roads
Any help greatly appreciated

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Re: Fork seals

Post by MacV2 »

Removal of forks is quite simple...

Fairing off.

Easier if you have an abba stand...On abba use a jack under the sump...scissor, bottle or trolly... For extra security tie off to roof joist vai the frame.

Before you raise the front of the bike...Loosen as many of the bolts you need to remove just crack them, easier & more stable to do this with the front wheel still on the ground... ... front-fork

You need to crack the allen head bolt in the base of the forks...No.21... 8 or 10mm allen.

Both of these NEED to be done before you lossen any other bolts as it make it much easier to do befor the forks can move...The lower bolt can be a bit of agg to get to turn if anything else is loose...

You need to crack the fork tops no.15 in the fiche pic above...22mm IIRC...

Remove the spring clip at top of each fork... No. 5 'Ring stopper'

Clip on clamp bolt 6mm allen... 1x per side

Top yoke clamp bolt 12mm bolt. 1x per side

Lower yoke clamp bolt 14mm bolt. 1x per side

Calliper mount bolts 8mm allen.

Brake hose clamp 8mm bolt.

Mudgaurd 4 or 5mm allen. 2x per side.

Axle pinch bolts 6mm allen 2x per side.

Axle nut 22mm x1.

Remove mudgaurd. Undo the brake hose clamps. Remove the callipers, these can then be suspended out of the way with a bungy cord. I wrap the bungy around the fairing bracket, keeps strain off the hoses.

Now jack the bike up. Remove the wheel.

Fork pinch bolts out, axle nut off, remove spindle, remove wheel.

Take the clipon's off, these can be rested on top of the rads again utalising the fairing mounts, maybe zip tie for security...

Fully loosen the top yoke clamp bolt...

Now holding the fork with one hand futher loosen the lower yoke bolt... The weight of the fork will cause it to drop so hold on when ding this last bolt !

Now one fork at a time set to with the strip down...

Now as for the replacement of the seal... I've never done one but goolge it I came up with this for starters...which is a bit basic TBH... :lol: ... on=firefox

I'm sure someone will be along in a min to set you right on that...

Have a read of this... ... 31&t=29710 ...Only dont pour the oil down the drain !

One top tip I can give you is when you take the fork top off, wrap a peice of wire/ tie a bit of string on to the top of the damper rod No.12, under the lock nut.... otherwise it will slip down in to the fork...

Oh & when you rebuild remember you need to torque up the bolts...I will post up the torque values needed when I can get to the workshop manual...
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Re: Fork seals

Post by Southwind531 »

I did mine recently and VTRdark's write-up & pics helped no end, but I disposed of my old oil/water mix responsibly. lol.

Had loads of trouble getting the inner fork (chrome bit) out of the lower, alloy bit because the top bushes were ever so tight. It's definitely worth replacing the bushes while you're there, and doing the modifications.

I used a couple of kettles worth of boiling water over the alloy fork lower sections. This expanded them enough to be able to get the bushes & seals out. They were F.T. though (flippin' tight!)

The Allen screws at the bottom of the legs (that hold the forks together) can be a bitch. If you have an impact screwdriver & a long enough Allen key socket, that should work. Otherwise take them to someone who has an impact gun that you use to loosen wheel nuts.
I measured the oil height with a Vernier gauge, but anything the right length and thin enough to go in can be used dipstick style.

Good luck!

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Re: Fork seals

Post by tony.mon »

Oil height guage? A length of aquarium tubing taped to a long screwdriver, height marked with a bit of leccy tape around the screwdriver blade.
Connect the tubing to a syringe, hold in place, syringe- a spare pair of hands helps.....
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Re: Fork seals

Post by E.Marquez »

tony.mon wrote:
Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:04 pm
Oil height guage? A length of aquarium tubing taped to a long screwdriver, height marked with a bit of leccy tape around the screwdriver blade.
Connect the tubing to a syringe, hold in place, syringe- a spare pair of hands helps.....
If your doing one set of folks every few years, I bet that works a treat.

But if your doing it more often, on more then one bike $18 USD or what ever a UK version might cost is really worth it.

Buy a pack of syringes as you'll need a new one after a while when the rubber plunger swells.
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