Say hello to my little friend.

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Re: Say hello to my little friend.

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Minor update and last one for another month while I'm on the road again.

I went ahead and marked the nipple on the gas tank that should be where the small hose with the coupling tube goes so I get it right when I put it all back together.
I've got a petcock rebuild kit I hope to install next time I'm home so the tank is ready for the re-install.
To make hose hookup easy I used small colored tie wraps to identify the hose that hooks up to whet port/ nipple.
I brought my spare rear foot peg/ exhaust hanger brackets with me to put my metal work to use and have a nice set of pipe hangers for the bike. These will be all done by hand as I've already cut off the foot peg retainers for the work to be done.
Here's a pic of one I started to file down and it's coming along nicely. Don't mind the looks of it now as the finished product will look well finished and nicely smoothed out.
It's not my first time doing work with files and hand sanding/ polishing on metal. :wink:
I could've made some aluminum brackets but taking the stock setup which is nice and strong will look much better.
Last a little bling for the boy racer in me and a new oil cap with a safety strap/ wire. :Rock2: :Smoke3:
Thanks for all the input and help everyone. :thumbup:
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