Street Fighter Day One (Tips and recommendations)

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Re: Street Fighter Day One (Tips and recommendations)

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as for blade forks...


93 to 97 with matching yokes go straight in, they also allow you to use your storm wheel and discs etc.
98 to 99.. same as above but you need spacers for the storm wheel as the yokes on these years are further apart.

after those years you need the matching wheel from whatever blade front you use but they all just pop straight into the frame headstock. :thumbup:

they look nicer but a well setup set of storm forks work pretty well..

iv a 97 front end in mine and it has white power internals ,i find it them bloody brilliant.

iv also just sold a storm that had i think a 03 upside down front end with standard internals and big brakes which are epic compared to storm brakes but the actual suspension was better than a storm but not good enough to warrent the expense, :thumbup:
the older i get,the faster i was :lol:
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