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Post by haynesjones66 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:12 pm

a new guy started work in longleat recently and he was given the responsibility of looking after some rare birds on his first day. unfortunately, he mixed up the different bird foods and sadly a rare tasmanian finch choked to death. in a panic, he picked up the dead bird and threw it into the lion enclosure. over the next couple of days he was responsible for looking after the chimpanzees, cleaning their enclosure and providing them with food. unfortunately, two of the chimps grabbed some of the lads cleaning chemicals, drunk it and promptly died. terrified of being found out, he also threw the dead chimps into the lion enclosure. the following day, he was collecting some honey from the longleat beehives and accidentally knocked the entire hive over causing the bees to attack him angrily. the poor lad swung wildly at the bees, stamping on the ones on the floor until there were loads of squashed bees all over the floor around him. quickly, he swept up the soggy mess and also threw it into the lion enclosure.
the following day, a new lion arrived and asked one of the lions what the food was like. the head lion replied "it's not too bad actually. these last few days we've had finch, chimps and mushy bees".

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Little shake of the head and half chuckle

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