The NC 500 trip write up

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Re: The NC 500 trip write up

Post by tony.mon »

Yes, that trip got a little sidetracked....looks like you gamble on the weather paid off.
It's not falling off, it's an upgrade opportunity.
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Re: The NC 500 trip write up

Post by AMCQ46 »

Saturday now and the Forecast for today is true.

So I am watching the metoffice weather radar and trying to work out when the least bad window is in the rain. I am hoping that I might get some dry time.

My plan for today is to do an overnight stop at my sister in laws in south west Scotland. Route is still scenic, I am going cross country and staying off the A9 till I get to Dunblain, then getting onto M74 till I can jump onto the glorious Dalveen pass to get to the farm.

Then do the final blast to Worcestershire on the M6 on Sunday.

By 11am I can see that this is going to be the best chance of dodging the rain, so off I go with waterproofs on.

I get lucky and after less than 1 hr I am on dry roads and don’t get rained on again for the whole trip.

Those roads through the Cairngorms are as good as any I rode in the highlands and it included every Type of bend and road surface, and I was having a ball throwing the KTM around, even though it was fully loaded with panniers and spare fuel.

Stopped for lunch in Breamar and took off the waterproofs.



Then rather poignantly, the KTM gets put back in Norman’s bike shed where I collected it from many month before. RIP Mate

300 miles today.


Saturday night is spent Watching MotoGP quali with a single malt.


And Sunday is a boring 250mile M6 blast

Total mileage just under 2300 miles for the Irish and nc500 10 days

The average speed says a lot about how capable the ktm is


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Re: The NC 500 trip write up

Post by sirch345 »

That was a great read to end an exciting road trip :lol: :thumbup:

Thanks for taking the time Al to finish this, and for adding the photo's. You did well in taking a chance on the weather by staying on :) I'm glad too hear it all worked out for you,

A closed mouth gathers no foot. :thumbup:
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