GRAINSTORM VI ...2019 How to find me......

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Re: GRAINSTORM V ...2018 How to find me......

Post by KermitLeFrog » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:16 pm

Wow, I've just had a good look at this. It's a real blast from the past for me. I was there when the A2 was a single lane road. The Esso Garage wasn't there and wife 2's sister won a competition to name it "The Turnpike" as it was being built. My American nephew Wayne had the livery stables which were flattened by the chunnel railway.

It just looks so different to the last time I saw it.

My sister who lives in Mereworth is putting me up and I'm seeing Multistrada Andy (who lives in Lenham and now has a SD GT). He's coming to NI so you will meet him there. I might even see some of my nephews and nieces who I haven't seen or spoken with for 15 years. It's really quite exciting. I hope the body and bike handle it.

ps. I like smoked streaky on wholemeal.
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Re: GRAINSTORM V ...2018 How to find me......

Post by MacV2 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:17 pm

Updated for speed cams...Although I'm happy to report that most of the pot holes reported last year have been filled...Ok we have some new ones but the detailed report I gave last year is no longer relevent...
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