Nice day out

Where are the boys in blue hiding??????
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Nice day out

Post by gabi81 »

Well with the nice weather and so on ive decided to go out and scout the roads up in yorkshire dales for the upcoming meeting on the 18th...all was going well until blue lights in my mirror....100£ fine and 3 points for overtaking on double lines...they were so faded i thought they finished and i could overtake. The kind officer informed me that overtaking on that stretch of road is dangerous and that he was going to let me off....but my mates ( i was alone) were a danger to the public. So the morale of the story is ride it like u stole it and get away with sh8t do one mistake and pay for it
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Re: Nice day out

Post by podman »

Pisser...fel your pain mate, was also done for tis a few years ago by Warwickshires finest, unmarked 3 series, b'stds ..

I did try and expain that overtakes that are dangerous in a car are not on the bike but as you can imagine, it didn't get me anywhere...

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Re: Nice day out

Post by AMCQ46 »

you were a lucky boy .... I got done for the same and thought I got off easy as it was only 3 points and I was also doing over 3 figures, so the white lines was an easy escape .

but it is classed as dangerous driving so it hits your insurance for 5 yrs!

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Re: Nice day out

Post by sirch345 »

Gabi, I meant to say before now, I think you were very lucky too :)

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