Where are the boys in blue hiding??????
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Re: DOH!!!

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Albacete gets two mentions and I haven't thought about it for 15 years!

Going to Albacete from Benidorm flat out, slight decline ohh back in 1997 I was caught doing 114mph in my 1.8 Mondeo estate, around the Bonete area on the A31...the butt of that Mondeo was slapping around like a TL1000 'fish' I was trying so hard to slow down when I saw the speed trap. I spoke really bad Spanish the two cops were so cool about it, thought it was all quite amusing and couldn't believe how well that Mondeo was going all loaded up....nor could I, it as my company car and had been canned from day one, really good cars those old Mk1 Mondeos.

I didn't have enough cash on me to pay the fine so they kept my passport and let me go off and find some more cash. Came back two hours later, paid my fine and they wished me good speed after an exchange of fags, bad jokes and a bottle of Liquer 43 I bought for them. Still have the ticket to this day. I think the fine was either around £400 or £200 bit of a difference I know I should dig it out and check.

I always wondered if that money made it back to the county coffers or a good night out.

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Re: DOH!!!

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every chance it ended up in their pocket back then mate, these days it's all digital, sadly for them hahahaha

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Re: DOH!!!

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Sometimes it's worse when you get a ticket from someone nice :(
Always easier to hate an butt who's a bit aggressive and gives you a ticket lol

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