Aberdeen & Shire - Mobile Speed Camera Locations...

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Aberdeen & Shire - Mobile Speed Camera Locations...

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Speedwatch: Mobile cameras – October 12th-19th

NESCAMP (The North East Safety Camera Partnership) have revealed where mobile speed cameras will be operating in the North-east of Scotland this week.

These mobile cameras will either be the usual large white marked van or a single marked police car at the side of the road.

Between October 12 and 19 cameras will be operating at the following sites:

NSL = National Speed Limit Applies.

• A90 between Midstocket Road and Whitestripes Avenue roundabout - 40mph
• A93 between Kincardine O'Neil and Haugh of Sluie - NSL
• A93 at Banchory westbound at church - 30mph

• Route 1: Peterhead to Fraserburgh - Various
• Route 2: A90 Aberdeen to Northwater Bridge - Various
• Route 3: A96 Great Northern Road to Tyrebagger - Various
• Route 4: A947 Dyce to Banff - Various
• Route 5: A956 Ellon Road/Parkway roundabout to Makro/Cove roundabout - Various
• Route 6: A98 from Fochabers to Cullen – Various

Deployment schedule may be subject to change.

Many people start slowing down as soon as they "spot" the marked vehicles ahead. But, by this time, if you have been speeding, they will already have your initial recorded speed, and can then track your slowing down rate! Motorcycles can still be caught, even when travelling towards the speed camera. (Some think the fact that there is no front number plate to read, or for the laser to track, makes it more difficult for the speed camera to "track" the speed. With bikes, speed tracking is down as a complete moving object between 2 points on the road called "timing squares". These large white painted squares are what you see on the road (in your lane), and are set a certain distance apart. The mobile speed cameras can then calculate your speed between those squares and collect an average.

Some fixed camera vehicles (the vans with the flipped open rear window) are fitted with "swing round" to capture your registration plate after you pass. If they don't have swing round, then it is quite common for bike details to be radioed ahead and to have a sitting marked car deployed further down the road to wait for you.

Visit http://www.nescamp.co.uk/ for a pretty good website, with speed camera locations, their activity, and interactive mapping for Aberdeen and surrounding Shires.

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